The photos in this article will simply take your breath away. Better pack your suitcase right now, since a look at this luxury villa in Bali is bound to give you the travel bug, I’m sure!

You want to experience your best holiday yet? Preferably on an island in the Indian Ocean? Then off you go to Bali! The island is a part of Indonesia and its various landscapes and diverse culture are very hot right now, so it’s not longer an insider’s tip! But did you know that it also houses the prettiest luxury holiday villa in the world? No, I didn’t suspect you would… Check out the photos for yourself and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Welcome to Viceroy Bali

viceroy bali daytime

Luxury villa in Bali

I can just imagine some of you rubbing your eyes in amazement and some jaws dropping at the sight of the villa. I’m not surprised, Viceroy Bali has a lot to offer its guests after all. The unique villas are located in the mountain town of Ubud, on a lush hillside surrounded by rice paddies, jungle scenery and impressive ravines. The view in itself is priceless. Those of you looking for a bit of relaxation will find it not only in a very own villa but also in one of the private pools, during an indulging spa treatment outside or while enjoying a yoga session with a view of the rice paddies. Just imagine!

Depending on the type of the villa and the date of your stay, a night here costs a whooping £355. But let’s be honest, isn’t such luxury worth the price? Ok, ok… it’s no bargain, but we can still daydream about it, can’t we? ;)

Just imagine staying in this villa…

viceroy bali 1
Photos: ©Viceroy Bali

… and enjoying a delicious breakfast in a spot like this!

viceroy bali 2
Photos: ©Viceroy Bali

You could also swim in this infinity pool…

viceroy bali 3
Photos: ©Viceroy Bali

Fancy a bit of wellness with a view?

viceroy bali 4
Photos: ©Viceroy Bali

Or how about a bit of yoga?

viceroy bali 5
Photos: ©Viceroy Bali

Off to Bali!

I can’t blame you for already feeling the wanderlust. This place is incredible! If you have a few spare pennies but not enough to afford this heavenly 5 star accommodation in Bali, I can soothe your disappointment – there are numerous other accommodations to suit a tighter budget. So pack your bags and hit the road!

I got a little tip for you: Sometimes (and only if the price is still affordable) some of my friends book a cheaper hotel in a place nearby the luxury hotel they want to stay and then they just stay a night in the luxury hotel. They spend the rest of their holidays then in the cheaper hotel. I think this a great idea, if the luxury hotel is still affordable for a night and if it’s possible to book just a night (some hotels have a minimum length of stay).

Photos: ©Viceroy Bali