Madison Square Garden is without a doubt the modern equivalent of the Roman’s Colosseum. Nearly every night of the week, it plays host to some form of spectacle of grandeur. Whether it be a concert with one of the world’s top musical performers, or seeing some of the best athletes the world has to offer doing their thing, walking through the doors of Madison Square Garden guarantees you a memorable experience.

A Night in Madison Square Garden

My own experience of Madison Square Garden is something I will not be forgetting any time soon. It was a bitterly cold November evening in 2014 and I had already been walking around the streets of New York having my mind blown by impressive skyscrapers for the three days previous. The indoor arena is easy to find and it is less than a two minute away from the legendary Macy’s department store. When the sight of Madison Square Garden hits you first, it feels like your eyes have just come across a diamond ring on a sandy beach. It is simply amazing!

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of standing next to a real life NBA player, the walk into the Garden gives you the next best thing. Pictured on the walls as you make your entry, you will see life-sized images of the various different stars of the New York Knicks Basketball team plastered onto the walls. Only when you walk up close, do you realise just how tiny you are in comparison to these real life super heroes.

Ice Hockey was the order of the day for my own particular excursion; an NHL Regular Season match-up between the New York Rangers and the Colorado Avalanche. The atmosphere of the pre-game build up was electric. Thousands of New Yorkers drinking beer and eating pretzels, whilst talking tactics, bad mouthing under performing players and wearing their teams colours. I admittedly don’t have the first clue about the rules of Ice-Hockey but it was hard not get caught up in the occasion. A thing that disappointed me was the price of alcohol and the fact that you can only buy a maximum of two drinks at any one time. This is especially awkward when you are travelling with groups of friends, as was the case on this particular night.

The Arena is spotless and the hygiene of the toilets is something that Buckingham Palace would aspire too, it is insane! Also if you’re looking to buy any of the official clothing or jerseys for whatever spectacle you choose to see, be sure you have a full wallet as the they can cause you to part ways with a lot of dollars!

Game Time

The average NHL player is some specimen; big, nasty looking and abnormally good at ice-skating. It took all of sixty seconds before the old NHL tradition of two players from opposing teams being allowed to knock seven shades out of each other by the referees occurred. For anybody not familiar with this world (as was the case with my group), this is amazing to see. If two people did this on the street they would spend the night in jail, but because it is within the perimeter of an ice skating rink, it’s as normal as a cup of tea with your sandwiches. After the two players were escorted off, bloodied and to a rapturous round of applause, the game carried on.

The next thing to tick off the list as a visiting spectator was to see how the crowd reacts when there is a goal. It most definitely does not disappoint. When the Rangers did eventually score, the whole crowd rose to their feet as one and began a chant that apparently occurs EVERY SINGLE TIME they score a goal. Trying to join in with the chants as they went along may make you look stupid to the regulars, but it is by far the most fun part of the night. The roof of Madison Square Garden was nearly blown off and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced an atmosphere like it.

An Insight into American Society

When I go on holidays, I always try to get a sense for what local life is like. After getting over the initial jealousy I had towards the fact that these regular spectators could casually travel from work to experience this occasion a few times a week, I started to eavesdrop on some conversations. Hearing young professionals talk about their office jobs in the Manhattan financial district and hearing the name-dropping various brand names of clothes, cars and the weekend holiday destinations “Up-State” was amazing. That was another fascinating addition to an already incredible night and it helped us leave Madison Square Garden feeling like New Yorkers just a little bit. :)

The game went all the way to overtime and penalties which increases the sense that you are getting full value for your admission fee. New York Rangers lost but that was nearly irrelevant at that point. It was an amazing experience, even if you’re not a huge sports fan.

Something for Everyone

For those of you who could never see yourself parting ways with any amount of money to witness a sporting event, Madison Square Garden plays host to some of the world’s best musical acts on a weekly basis. If you have a holiday to New York coming just around the corner search through the American Ticketmaster website because there is a very strong likelihood that you will be able to get your hands on tickets to a show of some description. Also it eliminates the risks associated when buying off the scalpers that roam the streets prior to the start of whatever event may be occurring.

Madison Square Garden has played and continues to play host to some of the world’s most talented individuals. It is a venue full of history and provides an atmosphere that is unrivalled by any other indoor arena the world over.

So if you’re lucky enough to be planning a New York travel itinerary, be sure to fit in a night in Madison Square Garden and live the American Dream for yourself!

You won’t regret it! :)