For most of us it’s the dream to spend a holiday in one of those famous overwater bungalows nestled in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, with brilliant white beaches and swaying palm trees nearby. Ah, I can just imagine it now, that warm sun, the sound of the sea, soft sand between my toes… Doesn’t it just sound perfect! It’s just a shame that they tend to be incredibly expensive, so unfortunately it’s one dream that doesn’t come true for most. But what if I told you that you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to stay in one?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, think again! Gorgeous overwater bungalows are closer than you think – in fact you’ll find them in Switzerland of all places! Nestled between the pine-covered foothills and mountains close to the French border is the stunning town of Neuchâtel, and it’s here where you’ll find Hôtel Palafitte. This hotel has won TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence so you know that these bungalows are going to be every bit as luxurious as their tropical counterparts!

Hôtel Palafitte – overwater bungalows in Europe!

A stay at this modern and stylish hotel is guaranteed to be something else. Just imagine waking up to views of the lake stretching to the horizon, mountains towering in the distance and the sun shining across the calm waters. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like heaven to me – and this perfect getaway is just on our doorstep. If you’re looking for inspiration or want a break in Europe that’s unlike anything else on offer, then keep reading – I’m about to take a closer look at this fantastic hotel!

Hôtel Palafitte: The hotel is in a fantastic location on the shore between the dramatic mountains and the peaceful lake. 

Hôtel Palafitte: The view of the lake from the lakeside villas. The terraces are perfect for relaxing on a warm summer’s day!

Hôtel Palafitte: You won’t just have great views in front of you either, as there are gorgeous hills and mountains behind you too! 

Hôtel Palafitte: One of the overwater villas at sundown. They’re the perfect retreat for a bit of romance and seclusion of a special kind, all in the heart of Europe.

Hôtel Palafitte: The modern architecture and peaceful waters come together perfectly. They’re gorgeous to look at, don’t you think?

Hôtel Palafitte: Inside you’ll find spacious, modern interiors with uninterrupted views across the lake.

Hôtel Palafitte: Each bathroom comes with a hot tub, so you can sit back and enjoy the views as your pamper yourself.

Hôtel Palafitte: The hotel’s restaurants are stylish and the views make for a very romantic setting indeed. There’s also some incredible food on offer – everything is sourced locally!

Booking with Hôtel Palafitte

What do you think? It’s crazy, right? If someone told me that this kind of hotel existed in Europe I wouldn’t have believed them for a second! The hotel has some interesting packages available on their website which I think are worth checking out if you want to make this stay even more special. One of them offers a gastronomic journey through Neuchâtel, including a four course meal, fondue and absinthe tasting. There’s also one where you can take a bikes and paddle boards and explore the area or a package that’ll create the perfect romantic getaway for two. However if you’re looking for the best price you’re best bet is to head to Trivago, where they compare prices across a whole range of sites. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you could save!

Getting to Hôtel Palafitte

There are no airports directly close by to Neuchâtel, but you still have plenty of options on offer that are all relatively simple. If you do decide to fly there it’s best to go to either Basel or Geneva, as both are well served by UK airports across the country, Geneva in particular. Once you’ve landed you can then take the train directly to Neuchâtel – from Basel it’ll be 1½ hours and from Geneva around 1¼ hours. Similarly you could also chose a grander journey if you have the time – why not go by train or take the car? That way you can plan a couple of stops as you go along and make the most of your time in Europe. Take the Eurostar to Paris, and from there it’ll be possible to either take a TGV straight to Neuchâtel or an indirect service with one or two changes. If you’re driving you can use the Channel Tunnel or take a ferry to Calais and make your way down to Switzerland as you soak up the scenery.

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I found this video on the hotel’s website – you’ll soon realise the pictures don’t do this place justice!

Overwater bungalows in Europe – I still can’t believe it! To think you’d be able to stay in a secluded, luxurious villa surrounded by calm, clear waters and enjoy the peace and quiet…but instead of tropical islands you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking mountains and thick forests. The perfect combination of luxury and nature! What do you think? Or have you already stayed here before? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!