In winter you’ve got two options: Either jet off to sunnier climes, or make your way to the places where you can experience the most beautiful wintery weather. Here you’ll find the best Airbnbs for your winter holiday. Dream-like scenery is included.

Well wrapped up, fur boots on your feet and a bobble hat on your head – off you go into winter holidays wonderland. Around Christmas time and New Year there’s nothing more beautiful than strolling through the snowy countryside of Tirol, Lapland or Utah, hearing the snow crunching under your feet and enjoying the tranquillity of the winter landscape. You walk up the mountain to the house, sledge in hand, then as you race down the slope you get a great view of the Huskies who are just waiting to run through the wilderness with you. After an exciting day, a crackling fire, mulled wine, cookies and hearty soup await you in the house… to properly warm you up. Welcome winter – you’re finally here! The Airbnbs that I would like to show you today will ensure that you have the best winter holidays of your life.

The most beautiful Airbnbs for your winter holidays

Tyrol | Mont Blanc | Utah | Lapland | Iceland | Lincoln | Dolomites

Rustic comfort in Tyrol

What goes through your head when you think of a chalet in the mountains? Austrian Carinthia is probably first on the agenda for a great winter break. In Bad Kleinkirchheim you can rent a Chalet that could hardly be more wintry and comfortable. The lowdown: 6 bedrooms, 14 beds, a whirlpool, unparalleled views of the mountains and tranquillity that you can’t find anywhere else – welcome to Carinthia. Located right on the slopes, you can polish up your ski and snowboarding skills and burn up the ski runs of Untertschern / Bad Kleinkirchheim.

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Winter holidays with a bit of French charm in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains

Warm colours, a lot of wood, thick fluffy blankets on the bed, a small cabin for two – in the midst of nature. You’ll find all of this in the small commune of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains at the foot of Mont Blanc. This small lodge is the perfect way to unwind after a tiring mountain hike. For the lovebirds amongst you, this place is a dream due to its cosy atmosphere.

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An out of this world villa in Utah

The American state of Utah is getting more and more popular amongst holidaymakers. Whether it’s in summer or winter – the scenery here is incomparable. In the small city of Heber in the midst of the mountains, you can rent a house that is exactly what you would expect an American mansion to be like. What is described as a “Mountain Cottage” is in actual fact a villa with 5 bedrooms, acres of land, a home cinema and amazing views of the surrounding mountains. Craig, the host, is a ski instructor himself and can recommend you the best ski runs in the area. American winter holidays of the highest order.

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Back to basics in a genuine Igloo

The north of Finland is the perfect winter holiday destination. Waiting for you here are reindeer, dog sleigh rides, the Northern Lights and a starry sky that couldn’t be clearer. After the first snowfall in Pelkosenniemi, they start building the igloos. Here guests can spend one or even several nights amidst nature. Inside the igloo you’ll find a proper bed. Even so, warm shoes and a thick winter coat are a must. To warm up you could maybe have some Salmiakki, the popular Finnish liquorice schnaps, then you’ll definitely sleep better.

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Winter wonderland in the west of Iceland

The Icelanders say it themselves: The country has two faces – so beautiful in the summer, so mysterious in the winter. In the dark months, when the Northern Lights are flickering in the sky with their beautiful colours and shapes and the snow has covered the vast planes and volcanoes, Iceland is simply enchanting. Kristján and Lilia, the hosts of the small cottage near to Búðardalur, name their lodge “A piece of heaven” for a reason. Here nature is the focus, and those who want to completely unwind are in the right place.

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Enjoy solitude in Vermont

“Freedom must be infinite above the clouds”. That’s what Reinhard Mey once dreamed of. I can assure you that being even nine metres above the ground is enough to get the feeling of freedom and independence. Is there a more suitable place to enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding forest than in a tree house? For £140 a night you can recover from the strain of daily life and recharge your batteries.

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Sheer winter holidays luxury in the Dolomites

South Tyrol is just inconceivably beautiful in winter. Those who have a few hundred pounds to spend can spend a few nights in a house in the small town of Valle di Cadore that is so full of architectural and decorative highlights. Beautifully crafted wooden chests in the room, thick fur blankets on the beds and magnificent wardrobes make a holiday here a real highlight. After an exhausting day on the slopes, guests can relax in the in-house pool and enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains.

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Whether you’re in Tyrol, Lapland or Iceland – in Winter there’s nothing better than a cosy house with a fireplace, a great view over snow-covered landscapes and the opportunity to just put on some thick winter boots and get straight into a snowball fight in the powdery snow. Come on winter, I’m ready for you!

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