Colourful houses in a small bay, a pretty film set, and the opportunity to bathe in turquoise blue water… what more could you want? Maybe a bit of entertainment with characters such as Popeye and Olive? In Popeye Village on the island of Malta, this isn’t a problem.

It was only by accident during my holiday that I came across the colourful Popeye Village in Malta. Gozo, Malta’s small jagged neighbouring island, was the actual destination, and I was quickly swayed… Who could say no to a real comic book hero from our youth? Huge forearms, a pipe in the corner of his mouth, and of course the obligatory spinach – and the story is finished!


Popeye Village in Malta – A colourful film set

That’s what the makers of the Popeye film also thought, so they built a beautiful film set in Anchor Bay near Mellieha, which can still be visited today. The Hollywood film with a star cast is called “Popeye” – Robin Williams plays the somewhat quirky Popeye the sailor man, who experiences many an adventure whilst on the hunt for his father. At the end he even finds some treasure.

After filming in 1980, the set should have been demolished, but now the small film village in Malta is a highlight for many holiday makers. Visitors are able to see the village, located in this small bay, from a different perspective by taking one of the free boat tours which run every hour. The Popeye Village team welcome you at the entrance and entertain the guests to the best of their abilities with a small show. There’s dancing and singing and, those that want to can get involved in the small performance.

In the small huts there are many props from the film to admire and you can even watch the entire film if you want. The Popeye Village is a real must for film fans who love detail, as the entire set is simply wonderful. After an extensive exploration tour, you can then bathe in the turquoise coloured bay and do a bit of sunbathing. Diving tours are even offered here. Entry for adults costs €10.50 (£9) and of course children receive a discount.

This small film village in Malta gets a definite yes from me! If you’re spending your summer holiday in Malta, then I would definitely recommend a visit to the Popeye Village.