After watching all 8 Harry Potter movies a thousand times over, could you turn down the chance to attend a Real Life Hogwarts Experience this summer?

While Harry Potter and co. spent 7 years at Hogwarts learning impressive spells and saving the world from evil, my muggle friends and I spent most of our high school years achieving little more than stuffing our faces with cake (à la Dudley Dursley).

Luckily, from the 11th – 13th August this year, we will all have the opportunity to escape our muggle monotony and attend Bothwell School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Herstmonceux Castle.

Real Life Hogwarts Experience

Although this event is strictly NOT affiliated with Harry Potter (it’s part of the College of Wizardry role playing programme, based in Poland), the prospect of a 3-day long wizarding role play experience is surely enough to get any Potterhead hot under the collar.

This one-off experience includes a 2-night, full board stay at the 15th century castle in East Sussex (complete with an imposing moat and 300 acres of grounds), along with 150 fellow witches and wizards. As well as all meals being included, there’s also an open-bar (the event is over 18s only), which could result in some surprising alliances ;)

Bothwell School of Witchcraft Trailer from Bothwell School of Witchcraft on Vimeo.

Upon arrival, guests will be sorted into one of 4 houses: Boyeswick, Wisenforth, Tabwen or MacNewthorn. The houses are named after witches who allegedly defended England against the roundheads during the civil war, and each have their own unique characteristics. The brave and determined will feel an instant affinity with the Boyeswick house and its dog mascot, while wise and generous types will become wise owls in Wisenforth. Cunning cats with high levels of independence will be forced to work as a team in Tabwen house and finally, the guests who are naturally powerful, creative and inquisitive will be drawn to MacNewthorn house, which has a newt for a mascot.Hogwarts_Scale_ONLY-EDITORIAL_325013723

Once everyone has been allocated a house, several days of competitive games will ensue, culminating in a ball and banquet. The official website describes this experience as ‘LARP’ (Live Action Role Play); everyone will receive their own character and have a personal agenda to carry out throughout the course of the event.

I suggest that you keep your Remembrall close by, tickets go on sale on the 28th March. They are expected to be priced between £400 – £450 each, so you may need to rob Gringots before then!

You also need to pack your own wand, while robes and other props are provided, your choice of wand (holly and phoenix feather? Hawthorn and unicorn hair?) is up to you, muggle.

I can’t wait for this event, what about you guys? Do you have predictions for which house you would be in? Or what will be on the banquet menu? Leave me a comment below! :)

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