Allow me to introduce to you the Robinson Club Maldives! If you’re lucky enough to win my competition this is the exclusive resort where you’ll be spending your week in the Maldives. It’s an absolutely fantastic resort with a wide range of activities on offer, amazing food and – most importantly – some absolutely gorgeous beaches to spend the day relaxing. Take a look and be sure to enter the competition if you haven’t already – you dream could become reality!

Robinson Club Maldives – the perfect island resort!

Allow me to introduce to you the Robinson Club Maldives! Located on the gorgeous Gaaf Alif Atoll, the resort offers a wide range of beach-side villas and overwater bungalows in the beautiful and idyllic surroundings of the Indian Ocean. There’s plenty to do on the island, with the resort hosting club nights and excursions for guests. The island also boasts some of the best preserved coral reefs in the entire Maldives, so you’d be crazy not to go for a spot of snorkelling or diving! The pictures are incredible – just the thing you need if you’ve got a case of the autumn blues going on!

Robinson Club Maldives: A view of the island from above – the shallow waters and coral reefs makes the resort an excellent place for snorkelling and diving!

Robinson Club Maldives: The beaches on this island are insanely bright and reviews consistently highlight how soft the sand actually is.

Robinson Club Maldives: After recent renovations all of the villas across the island have been updated and now feature super modern interiors and furnishings.

Robinson Club Maldives: Over on the main island itself there are gorgeous villas nestled amongst the palm trees that back out onto the beaches.

Robinson Club Maldives: The overwater villas actually come with a glass floor so you can see the coral reefs below!

Robinson Club Maldives: This is the Presidential Suite, the poshest villa on the whole resort. Spread over 240m² you’ll get uninterrupted views of the reef and peaceful seclusion.

Robinson Club Maldives: The resort is well equipped, with a gorgeous pool, a spa, a boutique, beach sports and even excursions such as diving, snorkelling, surfing and parasailing.

Robinson Club Maldives: There are two restaurants and three bars on the resort, which offer a range of cuisine. There’s also unlimited drinks in the main buffet area, including wine and beer!

Robinson Club Maldives: While the resort focuses on bringing guests together to mingle at the many club events, there’s plenty of opportunities to have a little quiet time…

Robinson Club Maldives: …And it’s the perfect place for a spot of romance to get those sparks flying!

Robinson Club Maldives: And, to top it all off, you’ll be greeted with this every night – the world-renowned Maldivian sunsets. It doesn’t get any better than this!

It’s a pretty amazing place, isn’t it? Just imagine snorkelling in those crystal clear waters, swimming through the coral reefs alongside the fish, sunbathing on the beach afterwards, enjoying a cocktail by the pool and admiring the most intense and breathtaking sunsets in the world – the closest you can get to heaven. It may all sound like a dream, but if you enter my competition you could soon be getting on a plane and being whisked away to this paradise nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean!

However some of you may not want to leave it to chance, and I can’t blame you for that either! After all, we all just have to treat ourselves a little every now and then – why not do it in style? I’ve put together a few little tips to help you with booking a place here for yourself (and save a few pennies while doing it!).

Getting to the Robinson Club Maldives

You can fly to the Maldives from nearly all UK airports, but none of them will unfortunately be direct. Depending where you fly from there will be either one or two stopovers along the way – check with Skyscanner to see what routes are possible from each airport. UK residents with a valid passport can obtain a free 30 day visa upon arrival to the Maldives, provided you also have a valid return ticket and sufficient funds with you as well. For all the information you need about entry requirements and travel advice, just pop over to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s website, where they’ve put together a fantastic summary.

It takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes for the transfer from Malé International Airport to the Robinson Club, which involves a 70 minute domestic flight to Kadhedhoo and a 30 minute speedboat ride. You’ll be able to discuss transfers with the hotel in advance before your arrival.

Booking with the Robinson Club Maldives

It’s possible to book directly through their website, but for the best deals you should definitely head over to Trivago, where they’ll compare different travel websites to give you the best prices. You’ll be able to make some great savings, so be sure to check regularly!

Still not convinced? Check out this video – there’s some amazing aerial footage of the resort that’s been recorded by using drones. It’ll take your breath away for sure!