I don’t know if you have already seen the news headlines, but Ryanair has announced that they will be offering business class tickets. Could this really be the same Ryanair who months ago were suggest standing-only flights?!

Ryanair are calling it”Business Plus” which comes with certain perks we are not used to seeing from Ryanair. They are now giving Business Plus customers more flexibility with their tickets. So, subject to availability, should you purchase this ticket, you would be able to exchange your ticket for another even on the day of the flight. As well as this Ryanair are also going to allow Business Plus customers to have a 20kg bag allowance as opposed to the 10kg it would otherwise be.

Alongside these perks, you would also be fast tracked through security, have priority boarding so that your bag is guaranteed to stay in the cabin and not be put into the hold and be allowed to choose your premium seat, which have extra leg room and a speedier exit. This is all going to cost from £59.99 per seat, which isn’t that bad, considering you would have to pay extra for the baggage hold allowance anyway!


To me the question is begged; why the sudden U-turn in ideology? Well apparently Ryanair’s profits fell for the first time in over 5 years last year, probably causing them to have a rethink- especially considering the fact that Easyjet are feeling pretty confident about their profit levels for their year.

What do you think about the sudden change in tactics? Is it really worth it? Will you be convinced to try Ryanair Business Plus? Let us know!