Live out your own intergalactic dreams and may the force be with you! Whether you stand with the Jedi or with the Sith, feel your force awaken! Disneyland® Paris is the place to live Star Wars. This might sound too good to be true, but believe me it’s not a trap!

As you already know I love inspiring you to travel to great places not only because of the destination, but also because of the experience. Disneyland® Paris is definitely more than “just” a resort with Disney-themed events, attractions and shows. It’s a priceless experience – full of smiles and magical moments for everyone.

That’s why you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the upcoming events in 2017 at Disneyland® Paris… coming from a galaxy far far away close to you. If you’re a Star Wars fan next year is going to be a good one with the launch of Season of the Force!

Disneyland® Paris Season of the Force

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The success story of Disney® started with the vision to create a place where adults, teenagers, parents and children alike will be able to have fun together and enjoy their precious time. Disneyland® Paris has become exactly this place and consistently offer a huge range of unique experiences to its guests.

The force has already awakened and made its way to Disneyland® Paris, but from the 14th January to 26th March 2017 it’s getting even more exciting. So if you think now: “Been there, done that…” I have to tell you, you’re wrong! :)
Just a month after the release of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“ Disneyland® Paris will launch its Season of the Force. This is the time Star Wars comes to life with unique events you won’t be able to see again if you miss out on them!

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Experience the most famous scenes, live and in action at Disneyland® Paris. Relive the most amazing moments with special effects and epic music. Marvel at the First Order with Captain Phasma leading the march!
And you better watch out and have your papers at hand: the Stormtroopers will patrol the streets and look for rebels! During the Season of the Force events you will be able to have Meet & Greets with heroes of the Light Side and villians of the Dark Side. So choose your side and meet the Star Wars characters you love!

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Furthermore don’t miss out on these refurbished attractions that you might know from your visits in the past: the Star Tours attraction will be refurbished and in 3D to offer a brand new experience, as well as the popular Space Mountain! The rollercoaster will be Star Wars themed including a massive Death Star!

Besides feeling like a part of the Star Wars universe look forward to some starry-eyed once-in-a-lifetime moments! Head to the Walt Disney® Studios Park and enjoy the stunning light show on the Hollywood Tower Hotel. This show will be accompanied by great music and live performances. Just keep in mind that it will only take place during the Season of the Force!

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So enhance your Star Wars experience and live in the Star Wars World. Take the chance to be a part of this galaxy right in Disneyland® Paris. Check out all offers for Disneyland® Paris here and start planning your trip in 2017. Just keep in mind that the Season of the Force is on for a limited time only! You won’t be able to see the same events if you travel another time. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience and may the force be with you!