My dearest followers,
I’m always looking for the cheapest holiday deals for you, but I’m also very concerned about your safety. So please rethink your plans (at the moment), if you’re were planning a holiday to Sharm el Sheikh.
In light of the recent situation in Sharm el Sheikh regarding the crashed Russian passenger plane, all flights to and from Sharm el Sheikh airport are grounded! With reference to the latest update on the Foreign Office website, carriers will not be permitted to fly from Sharm el Sheikh until it’s safe to do so. If you’re affected by this, please contact your tour operator or carriers to arrange transport home. The advice of the Foreign Office applies only to air travel to and from Sharm el Sheikh. They’re not raising the threat level in the resort itself.
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Sharm el Sheikh Travel Warning

David Cameron says it could take “some time” before all affected British tourists in Sharm el Sheikh are home, but UK security experts are working with local authorities to get the travellers home.
I’m personally very saddened by recent events, and will of course be monitoring the situation for tourists around the world, taking this into consideration when looking for deals. I wish any of you still in Sharm el Sheikh a safe trip back home.

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