Whilst searching for new hotels I always stumble upon even more adventurous locations, offering much much more than just a place to sleep. Whether its Tree hotels in Sweden, luxury resorts in the middle of the jungle or Star Wars hotels, I’ll show you it all – and this time I’m taking it to the next level! In the Skylodge Adventure Suites you can sleep in a transparent hanging capsule in the Sacred Valley in Peru. If that’s not a true adventure then I don’t know what is!

Photo: TripAdvisor

Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru

The most unusual hotel in the world is probably this hanging lodge in the middle of a sacred valley in Peru. These three Skylodge Adventure Suites look as though they are stuck to the cliff! With a bed in each pod, there is space for 8 people in total. It gives me shivers just thinking about sleeping in one of those! But true explorers and dare devils will love these special suites because there is nothing like it anywhere else. Here you will find yourself suspended 400m above ground with a fascinating view of the surrounding valley. The capsules are a bit like huge bird’s nests with phenomenal views – it’s the only hotel with ‘a million stars!’ This extraordinary hotel opened in 2013 and offers 3 hanging lodges, each 7.5m long and 2.6m high. The special capsules are made out of aerospace aluminium and water resistant poly-carbonate – well if it’s good enough for spacecraft…

Now you’re probably wondering how you get into the capsules… Well in contrast to other hotels where you can just stroll into reception to check in, you’ll have to complete a rock climb first in order to get to your accommodation at the Skylodge Adventure Suites. To help you with this, iron hoops have been embedded in the steep cliff, acting as makeshift steps. When you eventually arrive at your capsule, you should just sit and really take in the breathtaking view. The capsule is completely transparent and offers a spectacular view- even from the bathroom you can admire the stunning valley. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted though!

For an overnight stay you’ll be paying around £200. Included in the price is transport from your hotel, climbing equipment, a gourmet dinner with a bottle of wine and breakfast with a view! For such an unforgettable experience, the price seems worth it! How else could you experience this…