Imagine going to the airport for a holiday, all packed and ready to go, but you have no idea where it is that you’re headed for? Well, that’s what you’ll get when you book a surprise trip! The idea has blown up in recent years, and I gave a surprise trip a try recently when I booked with WowTrip. Come read on to find out what it’s really like!

One of the most exciting parts of booking a trip, for me at least, is deciding what to do when I get there. Where I’ll eat, what I’ll see during my time there, I love to plan everything in exact detail. So, you might think a surprise trip would not be for me. Actually, when I found WowTrip I really was so intrigued by the idea that I had no option but to book a trip with them. With such a huge bank of destinations to possibly go to, and the hassle of booking everything passed over to someone else, the thoughts of taking a surprise trip with WowTrip seemed more and more enticing as I thought about it. If the idea also piques your interest, take a read of my article to find out how to book your own WowTrip, and what to expect from it all.

My experience of booking a surprise trip with WowTrip

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How do you book a surprise trip with WowTrip?

Booking your surprise trip could not be easier. All you have to do is log on to the WowTrip website and complete the booking form that you’ll find there. The website is perfectly laid out to help making booking your next holiday a breeze, and the team really do take care of everything. All you need to enter is the airport you want to fly from, how many nights you want to stay, and how many people will be travelling. It really is as simple as that, and it’s totally freeing to know you have all the hassle taken out of your travels!

wowThere are lots of potential destinations you could end up travelling to. Maybe you’ll be travelling along the canals in Amsterdam? Or sipping on a cheap and tasty beer in Prague? Relaxing in Budapest’s thermal spas? With 46 possible destinations, there’s no telling where you could end up! Of course, there is the chance you could have been there already – how to eliminate this? There’s no need to panic. You can strike some of the destinations off the list. Your first destination is free, and after this you pay an extra £5 per destination. A small price to pay for some peace of mind, and a brand new destination to add to your list! All you need to do then is to enter your details as they are on your passport, and sit back and wait for your holiday to begin. They always say the waiting is the hardest part, right?

When do you find out the destination?

So, you’ve done all the waiting, and now it’s the week before you fly! The excitement – and the suspense – must be killing you, but hold on just a little longer! First things first, you need to pack! But when you don’t know where you’re heading to, it can be hard to know what to bring with you. Don’t fret. At least 48 hours before your departure, you’ll be emailed a log in code to use on the My WowTrip section of the website. Here, you can print off a five day weather forecast for your destination. Knowing whether it will be rainy or sunny can make packing a whole lot easier – or, maybe it will give you some hints to your destination!

In that same section on the website, you will find a little announcement of your destination, and also your boarding pass and the voucher for the hotel you’ll stay in. If you can, try not to open this until you get to the airport! On your trip, you will stay in a minimum three star hotel, so you know you’ll be staying in a wonderful hotel that’s perfect for relaxing in. They will also be close to the centre of the city you stay in, so there’s no added on travelling you’ll need to worry about. There will also be a note telling you what time to get to the airport on the day of your departure.

When you get to the airport, it’s finally time to open the section that reveals your destination! Then you can also open your mobile boarding passes (WowTrip will have checked you in already) and get to the plane for your adventure to begin!


My experience with a WowTrip

I was so intrigued by the idea of a surprise trip, I just had to book one for myself. So, one weekend in August myself and two colleagues took off for a weekend of mystery and excitement. I admit, not knowing where I would be for the weekend was kind of fun! I did very well not to look at the destination before I arrived, and I even tried not to look at the bulletin boards in the airport as I arrived. I held my breath as I opened the sheet and discovered my surprise trip was going to be. . .


Prague is one of my favourite cities in Europe, and it’s a true delight to walk around. I had such an amazing time in the city discovering the sights, eating, and of course being with two of my lovely colleagues. I could write everything we did, but I would much rather show you our short video we put together when we came home!

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend a surprise trip from WowTrip more. They really organised everything down to a T, and any questions or worries we had they were always at the other end of the phone, or you could send them a quick email. They provide you with 24 hour customer service, so there is no problem too small and no time you can’t get in contact with them. You can contact them on email ( and on WhatsApp (077 23685 5972)

Need to know

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when booking a WowTrip! It will make the process a whole lot easier when you’re booking, and also when you arrive at your destination:

  • You will be able to fly if you have a passport issued in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, or any of the Schengen Area countries. Your passport must be valid for at least six months at the time you fly.
  • When booking, use your full name as printed on your passport. This cannot be changed later on, so be sure it’s right!
  • You can carry hand luggage with you. Added luggage in the hold can set you back up to £50. Check the airline restrictions on your weather sheet for hand luggage restrictions.
  • You can travel alone if you wish.
  • Notify WowTrip if any of your party has accessibility needs.
  • WowTrip will check you in for your outbound and inbound flight.