Safari holidays are always such an incredible experience – not only are you out exploring the stunning nature you’ll also be getting up close and personal with some of the most impressive and stunning animals in the world! But if you were thinking of booking a safari holiday for yourself, then why not take it one step further? Why not stay at your own private reserve? Sounds ludicrous, but it’s possible, here at the Thanda Private Game Reserve!

Thanda Private Game Reserve – the most luxurious safaris in the world

If you’re looking for a safari holiday that’s out of this world, then the Thanda Private Game Reserve is the perfect place for you. Located in the South African province of Zululand, this stunning property offers guests two kinds of totally different experiences. You can choose to stay at either the luxurious Thanda Safari Lodge or Villa iZulu, but for those of you looking to experience something truly wild, there’s a tented camp which offers spacious and comfortable tents where you’ll be up close with nature.

The Thanda Private Game Reserve has won the Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor, but that’s not surprising when you see just how incredible this accommodation really is. Combined with the experienced safari guides, connection with the local Zulu culture and first-class catering, this hotel is undoubtedly one of the best safari hotels in the world. Just see for yourself!

Thanda 2

Thanda Private Game Reserve: A bird’s eye view of the Villa iZulu – it’s been voted Africa’s Leading Luxury Villa at the World Travel Awards and even has its own helicopter landing pad.

Thanda 7

Thanda Private Game Reserve: The shared pool is gorgeous. Perfect for relaxing during the warm evenings!

Thanda 12

Thanda Private Game Reserve: There are 5 private suites in Villa iZulu, each one with a private outside terrace, but the master bedroom steals the show with its own jacuzzi!

Thanda 9

Thanda Private Game Reserve: The bathrooms are unbelievably spacious – they almost look like a spa in their own right…

Thanda 1

Thanda Private Game Reserve: Jabula Tent, located in the camp, has stunning, light interiors that are perfect for a couple looking for a bit of seclusion and romance…or perhaps a honeymoon!

Thanda 4

Thanda Private Game Reserve: The food here is amazing – and there’s so many options! There’s everything from open-air breakfast with displays from local Zulu tribes to sitting down to a comfortable meal on the terraces.

Thanda 5

Thanda Private Game Reserve: No luxurious hotel is complete without a spa – in fact this one comes with two! Drawing from time-tested Zulu practices, you’ll have a wide range of treatments on hand.

Thanda 11

Thanda Private Game Reserve: Of course this resort comes with ample opportunities for fantastic safari excursions. You can go on the look out for the Famous 5, go on bush walks or try your hand at nature photography. There are over 14,000 hectares for you to adventure out in, so go wild.

If you’ve never considered going on a safari holiday before, then maybe this will have been enough to make you change your mind! It’ll be a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget, believe me!

The closest airport to the Thanda Private Game Reserve is Richard Bay – you can look for cheap flights through my Flight Fare Finder. Once you’re there the hotel can arrange a private transfer for a fee, so put your feet up and let them take care of the rest! When it comes to booking a room, you can’t go wrong with Trivago. They compare the best prices across a whole range of websites, so you’ll be sure to find the best available rates.

What are you waiting for? I think it’s about time you treated yourself to something incredible. Been on a safari holiday before? Do you have another beautiful lodge you could recommend? Then get in touch!