Infinity pools… Since a couple of years hotels have started to tempt us with incredible pictures of pools that seem to have no ending and become one with the ocean fringing into it.
Or some of them aren’t even located close to the sea but still create that feeling of infinite water. Of course we have all dreamed of bathing in these pools and created romantic images in our minds. Hoteliers found out that this contributes immensely to the value of a hotel and have started featuring them in their resorts. These pools have a low edge so that the water constantly overflows, which creates the infinity effect.

Infinity pools, however, can’t simply be built in any resort. To create the best infinity-effect the geological location of the hotel has to be taken into account. Especially elevated hotels, that are close to the beach are suitable, so that you really think you’re swimming into the ocean. Infinity pools are the signature for any luxury resort that have the advantage due to their perfect location to create the best pools!


Your *Guru-Top-10* of the Best Infinity Pools

To present you some impressive pictures of these wonderful pools, I was looking through the internet to create a top 10 list of the most amazing infinity pools. Here we go:

Number 10: Verdura Golf & Spa Resort in Sicily

My last but not least goes to this huge and stunning pool in picturesque Sicily. The 5-star Verdura Golf & Spa Resort & Spa has already won numerous awards and promises a relaxed first class golfing and wellness holiday. If you go for a swim here, you can not only enjoy the transition of pool and parkland but also a wonderful view across the Mediterranean Sea.

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Verdura Golf & Spa Resort

Number 9: Marina Bay Sands Resort Singapore

Guests of the Marina Bay Sands Resort will have a fantastic view across the skyline of the Malaysian metropolis Singapore. If you spotted this unusual hotel already on TV then you probably know about the view of the spectacular infinity pool. Only guests have access to the pool and can dare to look over the edge. However the pool bar is open to everyone so why not take a drink up there! The hotel towers reach almost 200m into the sky and on the very top you find the highlight with the 146m-long pool. This will be the highest swim in your life…

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Marina Bay Sands

Number 8: One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

Surely the Maldives belong to the top dream destinations for anyone who love strolling along palm beaches and dive into crystal clear water. In the middle of the atolls in the Indian Ocean you find a luxury resort which attracts you with this brilliant infinity pool. The hotel One&Only Reethi Rah can not only brag about one but multiple pools that are built in an absolutely gorgeous design! Look at it, am I right?

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One&Only Reethi Rah

Number 7: Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, Mykonos

This one goes to the hotel that will tempt you with its enormous infinity pool. Bill & Coo hotel is an exclusive hotel for couples that want to enjoy some alone-time in surrounded by luxury. The Greek island features wonderfully hidden bays, lovely beaches and those typical white houses with blue roofs… this is where you find this hotel! If you walk along the edge of the pool you will have the feeling of walking on water. It is not difficult to see yourself swimming in this pool while the sun sets on the horizon…

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Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge

Number 6: Ermitage Evian Resort in Evian-les-Bains

The pool at Ermitage Evian Resort in Evian-les-Bains is simply class! Try as hard as you like, but it will be difficult to see the line between pool and Lake Leman below it. The atmosphere of the hotel is unique and not only the view of the pool but also of the scenery is breathtaking. The luxurious hotel is located in the French side of Lac Leman, so how about planning a trip to the South of France? :)

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Ermitage Evian Resort

Number 5: Banyan Tree, Seychelles

Here at Banyan Tree you will find multiple pools, which not only give you a stunning view across the sea but are also surrounded by lush green. Guests will be accommodated exclusively in the villas with pools at the cliffs and can thus enjoy a tranquil and utterly unwinding holiday. A luxury retreat for anyone who wants to spend some days in paradise. If you think your own pool is too small you can also use the bigger one up at the resort. That infinity pool is even connected to a bar, so treat yourself to a refreshing drink and some delicacies while you hang out in the pool…

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Banyan Tree

Numer 4: Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

A hotel located on the Balearic island of Ibiza has deserved rank number 4. Amidst rough mountains and protected woodlands you find the authentic Spanish finca Hacienda Na Xamena, which has its very special pool… Set into the edgy rocks, guests can feel like swimming in the mountains. The view is unspoilt because there are no other houses, hotels or resorts blocking your view. You can only see the blue, soothing Mediterranean Sea. The hotel itself is a highlight as well. The rooms are equipped with windows that reach from the ceiling to the floor and a freestanding bathtub. Guests relax in there and enjoy the wonderful view.

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Hacienda Na Xamena

Number 3: Maia Luxury Resort, Seychelles

I have a thing for the Seychelles, I admit, so I found another pool that I think deserves place number 3. This one is a super luxury infinity pool set in one of the most beautiful islands on this earth. If you’re lucky enough to spend a couple of days in this beach villas of Maia Luxury Resorts, then I promise you, you won’t ever want to leave again. Part of the villas have their own access to the “secret bay” and guests can relax in private. Ideal for a honeymoon. If you prefer the bigger pool however, you can enjoy the fantastic view across the Indian Ocean. The hotel is located on a private peninsula – luxury is guaranteed!

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Maia Luxury Resort

Number 2: Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

Romantic and unique, those are the characteristics of my second winner of the most beautiful infinity pools. The pools are part of the whole hotel design and certainly the highlight of this building. Every pool has its own colour scheme and shape, which fits perfectly to the respective suite. Guests even have the opportunity to get involved in the choice of colour of their pool, as they are changeable. The Jade Mountain promises a sensual experience which will be unforgettable.

>Here you can book Jade Mountain Resort<

Jade Mountain Resort

Number 1: The Viceroy Bali Resort, Bali

This is it! My absolute favourite infinity pool! Even getting to this hotel is a unique experience, because if you like you can fly there in a helicopter to spend some unforgettable days at this wonderful retreat. Awarded as the “Best Small Hotel in Western Pacific” and at the same time chosen as the best hotel for honeymoons, Viceroy Bali Resort features an outstanding amount of luxury! The infinity pool of this hotel is simply gorgeous and you will swim amidst the most beautiful exotic flowers and the extraordinary nature of Bali. If you haven’t tied the knot yet, then you might think twice about it when looking at the fantastic features for weddings that the hotel offers…

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Viceroy Bali Resort

Well actually, no matter which pool I look at from the list, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to jump in. I’ve realized that there are more infinity pools than I thought. All of them convey a feeling of eternity and direct your view to the wonderful horizon. Are you still considering staying at home this summer?