It doesn’t matter which dream-like beach your choose to linger on – the crystal clear waters invite the curious ones among you to explore the amazing world hidden beneath the waves. Colourful coral reefs, fish of all shapes and sizes, starfish and turtles will all make your heart skip a bit. I’ll show you the prettiest coral reefs which immediately attracted me into the depths!

Imagine diving into an underwater world where you forget about all your worries. An immeasurable silence – only your breath through the oxygen tank is to be heard. You push ahead with subtle movements and explore the underwater life previously unknown to you. Small fish swim past while the colourful coral reef stretches in front of you. Time seems to stand still, while you surrender to the depths of the sea. Yes, life underwater can be quite fascinating – and that’s exactly why I want to present the prettiest coral reefs on the planet to you today!

Diverse and unique – the prettiest coral reefs

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The Maldives

We can all picture the Maldives: white, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and luxury resorts where our wishes are fulfilled without even asking. I’ve been there recently and could hardly believe my luck – the Maldives truly are a paradise on Earth. But the underwater world is insanely fascinating too and offers a lot of sights. Thanks to the pleasant water temperatures and the good conditions, the coral reefs in the Maldives are easy to explore. A colourful habitat awaits you and the inhabitants of the underwater world follow shortly after. You’ll shortly be able to meet the manta and eagle rays, morays and scorpionfish as well as whale sharks and  sea turtles. Diving in the Maldives is an absolute must if you ask me!


Some 350km to the east of the Brazilian mainland lies the Fernando de Noronha archipelago. All 21 islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters which makes diving much easier. You can see through up to 40 metres under water and even dive without a wetsuit. Although a breathtaking landscape of tunnels, hills and cliffs awaits you under water, the reef is actually quite easy to explore. The colours and constructs of nature are simply indescribable. If you’d like to delve into this fascinating world, I recommend that you travel to the archipelago in the period from September until February, as there’s a rain carrying front that moves over the archipelago from March until August.


You can find one of the largest coral reefs on the Fiji Islands: believe it or not there’s over a whole square kilometre for you to explore! Once again, the pristine beauty of nature is right at your fingertips which will leave you speechless. Since you can expect great weather on Fiji all year round, you’ll be able to experience pure diving fun at any time. If you want to find out what else characterises the Fiji Islands, check out my Travel Magazine. But seriously now: Isn’t this picture simply unbelievable?


So, if we’re talking about islands which are famous for their underwater landscapes, you definitely want to see what awaits you in Mauritius, right? Although it’s really just the illusion made from the mixture of water and sand, it’s still an incomprehensible spectacle on offer that’s hidden beneath the waves. You won’t be able to witness such phenomena anywhere else in the world. The unspoiled nature, the cohabitation of underwater fauna and flora – the entire blaze of colour of the coral reef is an incredible fascination.


It’s definitely a dream of many divers to be able to dive into the sheer depths of the largest coral reef in the world. An overall width of 2600km and an unbelieveable amount of 2900 different reefs make the coral reef in Queensland not only the largest, but also the most fascinating coral reef in the world. Once you dive into the crystal clear water, you’ll be right next to the corals, starfish, manta rays, turtles and other sea dwellers. Just take a look at the picture below – amazing, right?

Diving into the depths of the sea

Whether Brazil or Mauritius – these coral reefs are just plain awesome and can make your holiday unforgettable! Over to you now: have you ever gone diving? And if so, which are your prettiest coral reefs?