Exotic beaches, mysterious forests and breathtaking landscapes… This island in the Pacific is filled with surprises and will put you under its spell! Come with me – I’ll show you the prettiest places in Hawaii!

These have got to be the prettiest places in Hawaii, so much so that they’ll make you want to catch the next flight over as soon as you’ve had a look. This archipelago in the Pacific is one of the most exotic paradises in the world. If you ever come here, then you’ll lose yourself to heavenly beaches and gorgeous landscapes. See for yourselves which wonders await you in Hawaii!

My top 5 of the prettiest places in Hawaii

Waikiki Beach | Rainbow Falls | Black Sand Beach | Bamboo Forest

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1. Surfing at Waikiki Beach on O’ahu

Waikiki Beach is a dream come true with its white sands, bright exotic colours and wonderfully clear waves. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful and most famous beaches in the world and impresses with its very special atmosphere. What was once the place where the Hawaiian Royal Family spent their holidays is now a place which attracts visitors from all over the world. Located directly next to O’ahu’s capital, Honolulu, you’ll find plenty of resorts, hotels and shopping opportunities. The beach is a paradise for surfers and bodyboarders, frequented all year round. This is definitely one of the most interesting and liveliest beaches on the island and therefore my top place in Hawaii!

2. Rainbow Falls on Hawaii

One of my absolute highlights out of all the islands are the majestic waterfalls on Big Island Hawaii. This volcanic island is the youngest and at the same time the most diverse island in Hawaii and impresses with thunderous waterfalls, green jungles and magical volcanic landscapes. My favourite waterfall on the green side of the island close to Hilo is definitely the Rainbow Falls. As you can probably guess by the name, when the sun shines you can admire all the colours of the rainbow in the mists kicked up by the water.


3. Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Created by volcanic rocks, the Black Sand Beaches are a very rare natural phenomenon. Could you imagine laying your towel out on a volcanic beach and feeling the black sand between your toes? You don’t need to search to hard to find a black beach. The Punalu’u Black Sand Beach Park is particularly fascinating, home to the Hawaiian honu – or turtles as they’re known to me and you! You’ll be able to see these creatures up close if you make this your destination!

4. Bamboo Forest on Maui

Fancy a small wander through a genuine bamboo forest? Well then you’d best head off to Maui straight away because you’ll be able to pay a visit to a very special place indeed. Set off along a footpath called the Pipiwai Trail which will lead you through this mysterious forest and more. A real adventure!


5. The picturesque Na Pali Coast of Kauai

The Nai Pai Coast on Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai, is absolutely breathtaking. This section of coast, marked by the green peaks and hills, appears completely unspoiled – almost as if it hasn’t changed in over hundreds of years. What a magnificent view! If you want to take a closer look at the area, then you can go hiking in the impressive hills and challenge yourself on the hiking trails. If you’re no experienced hiker, then you can of course go on a boat tour or even a guided kayak trip! In any case, the Na Pali Coast is a real adventure!

Fascinating Hawaii

As a small extra I wanted to show you a little something about the dazzling marine life in Hawaii! Colourful coral reefs stretch their way all around the archipelago, filled with all sorts of marine creatures that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. I promise you – as soon as you’ve swum with turtles, wild dolphins and colourful fish off the coast of Hawaii, you’ll never want to take your goggles off! I can only recommend you guys to visit this place at least once in your life, because these special places in Hawaii will leave you absolutely speechless!

Discover the magic of Hawaii!

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Sunset at Tropical Poipu Beach of Kauai, Hawaii

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