With so much stress and worry in everyday life these days, the temptation to pack everything up and head off is often high. If you feel like the minimal living is for you, maybe it would be a good idea to give it a trial run first with a stay in a rental tiny house?

After all, though it may sound it, 500 square metres (the maximum size a tiny house can be) isn’t really a lot of space and it does take a little getting used to. If you’d like to sample the minimalist life, then get looking at these wow tiny houses. They’re proof that good things do often come in small packages.

Tiny Houses: Because good things come in small packages

To give you an idea of what a tiny house looks like, as well as letting you getting a feel for the dimensions, I’ve picked some of my favourite tiny houses on offer on AirBnB. A tiny house really is nothing like any of the other spaces you’ll find on the site. There’s a full living situation perfectly fit into such a small space, but all done in a way to leave out as much claustrophobia as possible. If you can survive a weekend in these gorgeous spots, you can definitely take a lifetime of minimalism.

Tokyo Caravan – Tokyo, Japan

Some tiny houses come in the form of renovated vehicles, but this cute caravan in Tokyo puts a little twist to what you’d expect. You’ll find this custom built caravan in a super safe complex, with all the mod cons you’ll need to enjoy your stay away. Despite the small size, you’ll still find a full double bed, a bathroom, and plenty of storage shelves.

Eco Cabin – Scotland

This wee place may look a little dark on the outside, but don’t let that out you off. The inside is bright, airy, and far more roomy than you would expect it to be. Your bed will be hoisted up on a platform above the living area, with ladder access to the bed. Maybe if you’re a little iffy with heights this isn’t the place for you, but with such cute decor and a wood burning stove inside, it would be very hard to say no!

Farmland Tiny House – Pennsylvania, US

This farmyard based tiny house gives you a real country feel. You’re staying on a real working farm, and you’re surrounded by beautiful pastureland where the livestock often come to graze. As well as that, there’s a perfect chance to completely unplug from our social media-driven lives. All that, and the inside of this wonderful tiny house isn’t too shabby either.

Morwenstow Tiny House – England

Not only is this among the small houses of the world, but it’s also host to possibly the world’s smallest (and cutest!) wood burning stove. Perfect for your visit here to this cute wee getaway in the coastal town of Morwenstow. Perfect luxury just under two hours from Plymouth? Yes please!

Secluded Tiny House – Illinois, US

Just from looking at the pictures of this tiny house, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d accidentally slipped in a full sized bungalow. But, this gorgeous getaway, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, is still only 450 square feet. It’s the perfect spot for a family holiday, with a queen sized pull out sofa bed in the living room to supplement the bed in the loft.

Photo: AirBnB

Shotgun Cottage – New Orleans, US

This one storey tiny house comes with two twin beds, but if you’re on a getaway with boo you can easily convert them into a king sized bed. Yes it is possible to have a king sized bed in a tiny house, and this particular one proves it. And, even better, there’s a Jacuzzi out in the back garden. You’d barely get that in a regular sized place!

Portland Tiny House – Portland, Oregon, US

This very pretty tiny house has a perfect blend of vintage and modern decor, and there’s a BBQ and fire pit in the yard. This is then the perfect spot for experiencing city living in one of the US’s most notorious hipster havens. There’s even no need to worry about breakfast, as the hens in the coop will provide you with freshly laid eggs each morning. There might also be some seasonal veggies in the garden.

Little House – Seattle, Washington, US

I can promise you won’t be Sleepless in Seattle when you stay at this beautiful tiny house. The interior is bright and airy, and will remind you a little of a cosy cabin in the woods seeing as there’s a lot of wood panelling here. There’s also a lovely little library in the living room area, and you’re free to browse through the maps here, or why not take a book and leave one in its place?

Any place on this tiny house introduction list is proof that the size of your hotel doesn’t matter at all, as long as you have some great company to share it with! You could book a stay in any one of these lovely getaways, or why not book another fabulous AirBnB stay!

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