The small tree pods in the tops of the trees in Thailand hang like bird’s nests. Here, guests of a luxury hotel are served the finest gourmet cuisine and enjoy an amazing view of the landscape. One to add to my bucket list!

The Tree Pod Dining experience at the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, on the island of Ko Kut in the province of Trat, is just a one-hour flight from the Thai capital, Bangkok. There are lots of cool little tree houses, built in the style of a bird’s nest here. Made from tough bamboo, the bird’s nests are built into trees, which sit five metres above the ground. Here, you literally dine from a bird’s perspective – what a cool idea!

Tree Pod Dining: Luxury dinner in a bird’s nest

Well… now we’re left with the question – ‘how the heck do you get up there’? Either you climb up the tree, book a helicopter, or… just push a small button, and the bird’s nests move up and down! You can sit and dine with up to four people in the unique restaurant nests. Once upstairs, you’ll be absolutely over the moon, with the bird’s eye view. On one side, you are surrounded by a wild and tropical rainforest, where the bird’s nests are perfectly disguised. On the other side, you can see the Gulf of Thailand with its enchanting turquoise blue waters and calming rippling waves.

Tree pod dining
Photo: Soneva Kiri

From the zip-line to your plate

But, as it so often does in a bird’s nest, hunger plays an important role here. You do not, of course, have to gather your own food! The delicious dishes and drinks are brought to you by the waiters via a zip-line. Every bird’s nest has its own landing platform so that your waiter can ‘fly’ across the terrain before landing on your platform. Relax in an exotic, luxurious bird’s nest with a breath taking view and a service, which is flown in, in the truest sense of the word – how cool is that?

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This luxury has its price

Traditional Thai dishes are served at the Tree Pod Dining Restaurant, as well as delicious fresh fish from the nearby sea. Typical rainforest menus with exotic fruits are on the menu. Exotic fruits, which are typical of the rainforest, are also on the menu here. The experience costs approximately £330 per dinner, for two people – a handsome price. But hey… who can claim to have eaten in a bird’s nest?

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Featured image: Soneva Kiri