The Swedes sure know how to do things stylishly. After all, they gave us Ikea and they always seem to have the coolest houses around… So what happens when you combine the Swedish talent for impeccable design and the crazy idea of a treehotel in Sweden? The answer is in the sprawling pine forests near the tiny village of Harads, Norbotten County. As soon as you see what’s on offer at the Treehotel, you’ll realise that this is no ordinary treehouse hotel – there are no conventional wooden cabins to be seen.

Instead the hotel features six totally unique and mind-blowing structures that are nestled and hidden away amongst the pines that completely redefine what it means to stay in a treehouse. How about a mirror cube that perfectly reflects its surroundings, blending in seamlessly with the nature around it? A giant bird’s nest that you can only reach by a retractable ladder? Or even a floating UFO?

Treehotel 1

Treehotel: The Cabin is a futuristic capsule that boasts unspoilt views of the Lule River Valley thanks to its position up on a hillside. With an area of 24m², it can accommodate two people.

Treehotel in Sweden – how the Swedes do treehouses!

The rooms mentioned are just half of the wacky structures you can stay in at the Treehotel in Sweden. The outlandish concept was inspired by a film made by Jones Selberg Augusten called The Tree Lover, which revolves around the relationship between humans and trees. As a result there’s also a large focus on sustainability and reducing the impact on the local environment as much as possible, meaning that no trees in the grounds were felled to help create the treehouses – they were simply built around them. It’s another reason why this hotel feels so magical; these structures are crazy and eccentric, but they seem to be as much a part of the forest as the very trees around them.

The hotel is run by a couple, Britta and Kent, who also run the nearby Brittas Pensionat, an insanely cute hostel where guests at the Treehotel check in and dine. The Treehotel has fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor, with many guests citing the warm atmosphere and attentive care given by their hosts. It’s even the 2016 Travellers’ Choice Award!

Treehotel 4

Treehotel in Sweden: Despite being very, very red, this room is called the Blue Cone. Its design revolves around simplicity, the interior featuring typically Scandinavian touches such as furs and minimalistic furniture. The Blue Cone is 22m² and can accommodate up to four people.

Treehotel 3

Treehotel in Sweden: One of my favourites! You can feel like a kid again if you stay in the UFO, which can accommodate 2 adults and 3 children. The ladder at the bottom is retractable and despite its unusual shape there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Treehotel 5

Treehotel in Sweden: The well-camouflaged Bird’s Nest is perfect for all the love birds out there! It can host up to a family of two adults and two children thanks to its spacious interior. Just imagine how cosy it would be in there when the snow starts to fall outside…

Treehotel 2

Treehotel in Sweden: Another astoundingly cool one, the Mirrorcube almost looks too good to be true. The cube is 4x4x4 metres, with space for two people. It even has a terrace up on the roof and a space to lounge in. 

Treehotel 7

Treehotel in Sweden: The interior of the Blue Cone. It looks like something out of an Ikea catalogue!

Treehotel 8

Treehotel in SwedenThe views across the Lule River Valley are magical no matter what time of year. If you’re lucky you may even have a chance to see the Northern Lights!

Treehotel 9

Treehotel in Sweden: Things can get a bit cold in Sweden, but fret not! You can warm yourselves up like the Scandinavians do in the hotel’s gorgeous Tree Sauna.

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But that’s not all! In addition to these amazing ‘treerooms’, the hotel also offers a comprehensive list of activities, which vary depending on what time of year you travel. There’s whitewater rafting, mountainbiking, kayaking , Nordic cross-country skiing, dog sledding… the list goes on! There are plenty of ways to get your adrenaline fix, but there’s also the opportunity to learn more about what like in North Sweden is really like. You can experience Saami culture up close by spending the day on a reindeer farm and eating traditional Saami cuisine with a local family. There’s also a tour through Harads village too, which ends with some traditional Swedish fika (coffee and cake – trust me, it’s delicious!). You can view the list on their website.

And that’s why I love this treehotel in Sweden! Its weird designs, the way it respects the nature around it and the sheer amount of things you can do. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which treehouse you want to stay in! However there is a way you could avoid it – I personally recommend staying in different rooms as each one offers a completely different atmosphere. Just ask when booking and I’m sure Britta and Kent will do their best to accommodate you.

Interested in staying here? Then take a look at Trivago for the best deals! Sweden is such an incredible and diverse country! I think this hotel is the perfect way to experience both the nature and culture up close. I can promise you it’ll be the trip of a lifetime.