Wow. Check out this beautiful Trullo in Italy. Find out about the history of Trulli, the location and grab a holiday to this wonderful property!

You should definitely take a look at this beautiful Trullo in Italy. It is a 300-year-old property with real character surrounded by the panoramic countryside of Ostuni. The whole area is stunning, with rolling hills, olive trees and views for days. This is a popular place to stay for people who are looking for a peaceful retreat in a gorgeous location. Check out this article that will tell you everything you need to know!

Trullo in Italy

What is a Trullo? | The Trullo Property| The Location | Where to Book

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What is a Trullo?

So first of all, I bet you are wondering what a ‘Trullo’ even is, right? Well, let me give you a quick explanation and then you will see how special one is.

A Trullo is a small, dry-stone building with a conical roof which you will only see in the region of Puglia, Italy. First records show that Trulli were first built around the 14th century. The properties often have a unique shape which creates an quirky feel. It is a perfect space to use a residential or holiday home.

What is so impressive about the construction of the Trullo is that rainfall will train through the soil and flow through underground watercourses which means no permanent surface water. Quite often, Trulli have symbols painted onto their cones – these can be either religious or mystical and were meant to protect their inhabitants.

I think I have covered the most important stuff about the facts of a Trullo, how about now checking out a beautiful Trullo that you could actually stay in?!

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The Trullo Property

This Airbnb Trullo property would truly make for a special stay. It sleeps up to 4 people so is ideal for couples, families and friends. It is a 300 year old building with all the characteristics of a traditional Trullo. You will find it in a delightful quiet valley with panoramic views of countryside. The property has four acres land where you will have complete tranquility. In the garden there is an array of olive trees, apple, pear and mulberry trees as well as a wide selection of fruits that you can indulge in. You can even have local produce such as olive oil which you are welcome to take home. There is a large terrace where you can sit out and enjoy the beautiful landscape and sunsets. Even better – there are 2 hammocks where you can relax and read a book in the peace and quiet.

The property itself has been designed in a beautiful, environmentally friendly way, for example solar panels are used to heat the water. In the summer, the design of the building will keep the property cool. In the winter months the Trullo is just as beautiful and you can have a cosy stay with the heating and wood burning stove to keep you warm. – this is a perfect year-round accommodation.

Despite staying in a traditional Trullo in a rural location, you will still have access to WiFi and the living room comes with many modern amenities. If the stacks of books on the bookshelves don’t do it for you, then you can make use of the sound system and listen to your favourite tunes. You can also snuggle up and watch a film on the TV in the evening after your day of relaxing or exploring.

Read below to find out about the location itself and the best places to go.

The Location

It goes without saying that Puglia is a truly beautiful region to visit and stay in. There are plenty of places for you to go as Puglia offers a wide variety of different attracttions. You have 2 coast lines to explore, many characteristic hill towns as well as the beautiful scenery of olive trees, sunflowers and acres of vineyards.

Towns to visit:

The property is just 7 km away from the fantastic city of Ostuni, a city with many bars and restaurants for you to choose from. Every Saturday it also has a market which you have to check out! 2 miles away is the small town of Casalini where you can find most shops that you will need.

The town of Martina Franca is super smart! In the old town centre you can wander the white lanes and discover the swanky mansions, and stately churches. You also have to check out the evening passeggiata (a traditional, gentle stroll through the main streets) which happens every Sunday – it is something that you will probably never have seen before!

If you would like to know a little more about Trulli, then you should head to Alberobello which is a small town consisting mostly of Trulli. It is popular among tourists and has some great local restaurants that you should try out!


Wherever you go, you will not be far from a beach. There are 2 coastlines to choose from, both with large beaches, quiet coves and beautiful crystal clear waters.

The property is only 10 minutes from the Adriatic sea so you can find plenty of beaches. The Ionian coast (on the opposite side) has stretches of open beach which is perfect for relaxing in peace.

Italian seashore Puglia_gargano

Where to Book

So I am guessing that you like the look of this property, right? I want to go there myself! If you would like to stay in the beautiful Trullo, then head over to Airbnb now! You can then find cheap flights on Skyscanner


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