Just after 8 o’clock this morning, it became official: Trump managed to gain the majority from the US voters and will become the 45th president of America and take the White House from January next year. 

The victory of the globally controversial republican was a little surprising as in the run up to the election the polls showed a completely different picture. But, in the early hours of the morning Clinton’s defeat was becoming more and more apparent. Trump won in Florida, Ohio and later also in Pennsylvania, which were important so called “Swing States” where in the past the votes between the Republicans and the Democrats have been close – these are also hugely populated states and with the power of 270 required electors, a majority for Clinton here could have given the Democrats a significant lead. Just like in the last legislative period, the Republicans also have the upper hand in the House of Representatives and the Senate. What exactly does this outcome mean for America and what may change in the future for travellers to the US?

I’m interested to hear your opinion: Would you still travel to the USA or has your opinion changed after the result of this election?

Donald Trump as president – these are his aims

  • Trump wants to create more job opportunities in the USA by importing fewer goods from China. In the future, Chinese goods could be taxed more heavily.
  • Taxes should be reduced for all citizens.
  • Trump speaks of building a wall along the border to Mexico to prevent uncontrolled immigration. He also wants illegal immigrants to be deported.
  • His foreign policy focuses very clearly on the destruction of the so called “Islamic State”, if necessary with American ground troops. At the moment, the US is still focused on the overthrow of the Syrian leader, Assad. Vladimir Putin could be a potential partner in the battle against the so called IS.
  • He rejects controversial free trade agreements, like TTIP. The planned free trade between the USA and Europe could be put on hold again.
Photo: Joseph Sohm/shutterstock.com

… and what may change for tourists heading to the US?

America is without doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations and is receiving more and more tourists. Is this likely to change after the presidential election or will tourists not notice any difference following the change of power in the White House?

  • Since the heated US election campaign began, the worldwide image of the US has changed. Many people have been asking themselves how somebody such as Trump, who has continuously attracted attention for his racist and sexist remarks, could now be one of the most powerful politicians in the world. Many people see the system of values that will be brought into the White House with the new president as a bad thing. This could seriously affect the positive image that tourists have of the USA and some travellers may even be completely deterred. What perhaps at first sounds unlikely, is happening at the moment in Turkey with Erdogan, for example. A correlation between politics and tourism is likely.
  • Shortly after the result, the financial markets noted a weakening of the dollar, resulting in an increase in value of the euro. In the future, it is possible that the exchange rate of the dollar could fall even further and that travellers will then see the US as more of an attractive destination from a financial point of view.
  • A tightening of immigration and entry laws is not yet apparent. Although Trump indicated that he would like to make it more difficult for Muslims to enter America in future, it is unclear however how this would be implemented. The construction of a wall between the US and Mexico in the coming years is also unlikely, as this proposition would be very expensive. Travelling from the US to Mexico and vice versa in the future should therefore also be possible.
  • You will probably still have to apply online with the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, ESTA, to enter. You can check the entry requirements for the USA here on gov.uk.