An overnight stay in a hotel located under the surface of the sea. In a warm and cosy, luxurious suite a huge window façade made of armoured glass adorns the wall instead of a TV. Outside, the deep blue of the sea depths merge with the soft, light tones above. Small, colourful fish swim by in a merry dance of the underwater world. You can experience this breathtaking atmosphere and unforgettable sights in the prettiest underwater hotels in the world. Dive into the world of luxury and enjoy the calmness of the sea!


A look at the prettiest underwater hotels

The Manta Resort on the Pemba Island

The underwater hotel room of the Manta Resort on the Pemba Island is the perfect place for all those who can’t get enough of the sea. The underwater room is located on a floating island which is embedded four metres deep into the sea. It’s a part of the Manta Resort and can only be reached by boat. Once there, it seems that you’ll be sharing the underwater world with colourful parrotfish, corals and sea turtles. So don’t be surprised when the sea dwellers unexpectedly take a curious peek into your suite. In case you want to breathe the fresh air from time to time, you can simply go to the roof terrace and bask in the sun for a while. You’ll get some priceless views of the sunset from there.

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Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

The Atlantis The Palm, located on the artificial Palm Islands in Dubai, offers first class luxury. What else could be expected from the metropolis of superlatives? In addition to the usual, already luxurious rooms, the hotel also includes two underwater suites. Both of these suites are named after the gods of the sea, Neptune and Poseidon. There, through a 77 cm thick acrylic glass windows you can take a look into a 11 million litre aquarium and observe nearly 65,000 fish. Moreover, a personal room service ready to grant all your wishes is included in the underwater suites. If you prefer to dine with company, you will of course also have the opportunity to visit the hotel restaurant, Ossiano. You’ll have a fantastic view of the aquarium from here, too.

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Resorts World Sentosa – Equarius Hotel in Singapore

The aquarium in Resort World Sentosa in Singapore houses 100,000 sea animals in 43 million litres of water and all that is contained behind the largest continuous acrylic glass panels in the world, 70 cm thick. You can visit the S.E.A. Aquarium in the multi-million dollar fun-house for as little as £16 per person. Or you could just spend the night in one of 11 Ocean-Suites of the Equarius Hotel nearby. This way, you won’t have to squeeze next to hundreds of visitors in order to see the huge manta rays through the glass panels – it’s much more comfortable watching them from your bed or during a relaxing bath.

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Lovers Deep Submarine in the Caribbean and the Red Sea

200 metres under the surface of the sea lies the Lovers Deep Submarine, where all well-to-do couples can book a romantic stay. The submarines are lavishly furnished and focus on the theme of love. They emerge either in the Caribbean or the Red Sea. Those who book a night on the submarine must be prepared to pay a price starting at £155,000 per night. For this hefty price, you’ll be living like kings of the underwater world in a room with designer furniture and enjoy a stunning view into (not just of!) the sea!

The future: The Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji

How often have we stumbled across the news now that the first ‘real’ underwater hotel is to be developed on a private island in Fiji? The planning of the Poseidon Undersea Resort has begun in 2001 and although it should have opened some time ago now, it seems that spending a night there is still the stuff of dreams. Our imagination is constantly being fed, as computer animated images of the luxurious suites have been online for a long time now. But maybe that’s just a clever tactic to give us time to save some pennies: believe it or not, one of the 22 suites is supposed to cost £18,000. Insane, right? But if you can easily afford such a holiday, you should expect luxury at its finest. The underwater hotel is supposed to namely accommodate a bar, a library, a wedding venue, several conference rooms as well as a 110 m² luxury suite – all of that under the surface of the sea of course.

Would you like to spend a night in one of these underwater hotels? Or would you feel more comfortable in an overwater bungalow?