Ladies and Gentleman, there is no way to get out of this! In just a few days it’s Valentine’s Day, a romantic, a love spreading day where you can show your deep feelings to someone special in your life. I know, all of you grumble-bums say Valentine’s Day is just about buying stupid trash and its too commercial. BUT I think the 14th of February is a day that reminds you of showing your appreciation to your partner. It doesn’t need to be a trip to the moon, no Paris holiday, just something small that expresses love without words.

You have two options now: Either you can be one of those desperate people running around on V-Day buying some red and shiny ornaments or some weird teddy bear made in China; or you can check out my unique Valentine’s Day gift list. I have spent hours checking out the best gifts that will definitely put a smile on your love’s face.
Is she more of a romantic girl, does she like candles, roses, and chocolate? And is he really into action or does he prefer a sexy show? No matter what it is that you are looking for, I found just the right Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner on Amazon:

1. Chocolate Fountain – Chocolate is all around you

Just the thought of it makes me ecstatic! I love chocolate. In the morning, for lunch, at night and all over again. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate, so this one could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your love. This chocolate fountain is sex in form of steel. You fill it up with a maximum of 2000 gr and it gives you 3 hours of amazing chocolate fun. Cut up some yummy fruits, some strawberries, grapes, bananas and enjoy the taste of heaven. First, I was a little bit sceptical myself, because normally those things make a huge mess and it takes ages to clean, but the super positive reviews of this Classic Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain convinced me and I am seriously in love. It’s not only fabulous for a romantic dessert, it’s also the highlight on every party. You might find some cheaper ones somewhere, but this specific fountain has a great construction, so it’s really easy to clean.
Why not surprise your partner with a nice dinner, candlelight and this delicious chocolate fountain? And even if you’re out of fruits, you know what else you could to with all that chocolate topping :-)

chocolate fountain valentine's day gift

2. Action Sport Camera – Great toy for action lovers

It doesn’t always need to be roses, cake and candles. If your partner is more into sports and likes adventures, you should take a look at this awesome little gadget: This Action Sport Camera is the best way to capture the adventures your partner experiences on bike, under water or up in the air. The cam comes with all devices you need to fix it safely to the handlebar of your mountain bike or to the helmet. The stability is really good and the picture quality is excellent. As it is waterproof as well, your partner can take it on dives and film the incredible underwater world in a way not many cameras can do. If you use a 64 GB card, it can film constantly for at least 2 hours at 1080 p. It might go for even longer at 720 p.
If you have a partner who loves being outside, loves hiking, cycling, flying and so on, this Action Sport Camera would bring so much fun. All reviews for this product are super positive and highly recommending it to everyone who loves fun and watching adventure footage. This would be a Valentine’s Day gift your partner definitely wouldn’t expect. What a great surprise!

action camera valentine's day gift

3. Kissing and grinning bowls – Porcelain Cuteness for every meal

No, it’s not made of chocolate, no it’s not red and no, sorry, it doesn’t come with roses. But they are sooo cute, adorable, heart-warming, funny, and simply gorgeous! Yes, I am talking about these two little bowls, one puts a kissing face on, the other one a grinning face.

No, of course I do not talk to them, but they seriously cheer up every meal. Wouldn’t that be a cute and funny gift for your partner? It’s not only for housewives or househusbands, even Holidaygurus enjoy these little bowls :-) I think it’s a great little Valentine’s Day gift that your partner will enjoy for a long time.

dip bowls grinning and kissing valentine's day gift

4. Sexy night shirt – Isn’t that all that he wants?

The night of Valentine’s Day, you’re having a perfect romantic dinner with your partner, you guys pick a movie, get some popcorn ready and change into something more comfortable. But what if you don’t put on your cotton onesie, your terry cloth Pjs? What if you surprise him in a sexy night shirt to spice up the movie night? Seriously ladies, guys love that stuff and you can never have enough of that, so why not surprise him with a new hot outfit for Valentine’s Day?
There is no better way to show your love, no better way to show him that you still find him attractive. But even if you’re looking for a nice gift for your girlfriend, lingerie is one of the bestsellers of all life times. Not only because you treat yourself with this gift, you also show her that you think she would look awesome in this little outfit. She would feel attractive and much more confident.
You can choose this little sexy night shirt in three different colours, the cute pink version, the beautiful blue and the passionate red. All reviews recommend this cute shirt, the quality is really good, the material really soft and smooth, and it feels really comfortable. All you need for a romantic and sexy Valentine’s Night.

sexy night shirt valentine's day gift

5. Floating Water Lanterns – Love on the water

You want to make sure the atmosphere is just perfectly romantic on Valentine’s Day? This gift will provide all you need with a little touch of Hawaiian magic. I’ve seen these before on my travels through Hawaii: Floating Water Lanterns. You light it up, make a wish and send it out into the ocean. The lights are going to shine up in the pitch-black darkness, they float over the water, carrying your wish into the world.

I am so happy that I found these on Amazon. Maybe you have a little pond in your backyard, maybe a pool, otherwise you just draw a bath for your partner, light up the lanterns and let them swim on the warm water. You get the matching tea light candles delivered with the lanterns, so they light up in a warm orange and golden colour. The paper is flame resistant and you can use the lanterns many times. I think these Floating Water Lanterns create the perfect romantic atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day.

romantic lanterns valentine's day gift

6. Swarovski Necklace – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Guys, that’s just the way it is! Your girlfriend or wife already has heaps of jewelry, so you might think, why buy another piece?! Simply because girls just looove jewelry! It doesn’t matter how many necklaces she already has, she is going to love this one, and the next one.
That’s why I’d like you to have a look at this beautiful Swarovski necklace coming with matching earrings. That moment when you walk up to her, take that little box out of your pocket… Her eyes will shine, she smiles, and she will enjoy every single moment of unwrapping this gift! When her eyes hit the diamonds, you can see magic happening.
I picked this specific Swarovski set as I think it’s very classy, very feminine, simple but exciting. Swarovski stones are famous for being incredibly shiny and glamorous. It is not too massive, not too out there, that’s why your lady will be able to wear it maybe even with a cool jeans jacket or flower dress. But it’s still impressive enough to be worn with a beautiful long dress for a posh night out.

swarovski valentine's gift

7. Roses to your door step – The never ending classic Valentine’s Day gift

Of course you plan on buying flowers anyway… But how about you get them delivered to your door step? On Amazon you can choose between different gorgeous bouquets, all colourful roses, and get someone to deliver them on Valentine’s Day right to your door.
Maybe your girlfriend will already be upset because you didn’t buy any flowers for her, but then, just a little after breakfast, the door bell is going to ring. She is going to be confused, wondering who’s there. She opens the door and sees a huge bunch of flowers with two legs. She comes back into the room, maybe still wondering who has sent her these, and you are going to be sitting there with a smile on your face…
I think this surprise will be something really special and unexpected. If she doesn’t like roses, there is a whole range of all sorts of flowers you can order and get delivered home. She is going to love it :-)

roses valentine's day gift

I hope I could give you an idea of what other gifts there are, besides the typical teddy bear and cakes. It doesn’t always need to be something expensive, as you know, it’s the thought that counts! Happy Valentine’s Day :-)