Want to travel somewhere during the winter months but not sure where to go? Well luckily I have a few tips for you and am happy to present you with the most beautiful winter holiday destinations. Get excited!

Whether it’s going to the beach to soak up some sunshine, or going on a typical skiing holiday with the entire family: which destinations entice you during the winter months? For those of you who still want to plan something, but are not quite sure where to go or what you want to do, I have a few ideas for you. I hope that something here takes your fancy and that soon you can start counting down the days until your winter trip!

The Most Popular Winter Holiday Destinations

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Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

The Canary Islands

The Canaries are only a couple of hours flight away and offer pleasant warm temperatures even during the winter months. Depending on the island, you could be enjoying air temperatures of up to 24°C and water temperatures of between 18 – 20°C. Fuerteventura is the most popular island for tourists, particularly surfers, thanks to its long sandy beaches which get approximately 300 days of sun per year. Gran Canaria also experiences warm temperatures of between  18 – 26°C. Once there, many tourists are drawn to Puerto de Mogan – often referred to as the “Venice of the South” – or to the captivating Maspalomas dunes on the island. Particularly in the southern part of the island, the weather is often warm and dry. After Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife are also very popular holiday destinations. All the islands have beautiful beaches, idyllic natural landscapes and a wide range of activities on offer and each has its own charm. Just decide which suits you best! :)

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Consisting of the three islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino along with many smaller islets, the Republic of Malta sits perfectly at the heart of the Mediterranean with envious weather, fascinating culture, and stunning sea views. Comino is known for its intriguing limestone landscape and of course the famed ‘Blue Lagoon’. Gozo is the second largest island in the archipelago and was famous for the Azure Window and arch which tragically crumbled during a period of bad weather in 2017. However, the remains remain below water and have developed into a haven for divers! Finally, the main Island of Malta itself is rich in character with the ancient capital of Valetta once having been a fortress of the swashbuckling Knights of St John! The island also has ruins from the Roman, Arabic Norman and countless other cultures who fought over this amazing land. Even when the weather gets a bit too cold for taking a dip there is plenty to see here in winter time.

Das weltberühmte Azure Window, Gozo-Malta Island iStock_000065019969_Large-2
The world famous Azure Window in Gozo island before its collapse in 2017.


The third largest island in the Mediterranean located in along its eastern shores beneath Turkey is arguably it’s most beautiful. Split since an invasion by Turkey in 1974 into two political entities, the whole island benefits from gorgeous weather the whole year round! Famous for its amazing beaches, scenic diving spots and rich history with elements of Greek and Turkic culture forming the sometimes contentious national identity. Why not visit the legendary Petra tou Romious or ‘Aphrodite’s Rock’, where the beautiful goddess of love is said to have been born. It’s no wonder that Cyprus is a favourite for couples on a romantic winter sun holiday!


Long-haul Destinations with Guaranteed Sun

So while we’re on the topic of sunny destinations during winter, how would you feel about Thailand? Air and water temperatures are both around 27°C on the island of Phuket, and it’s around 25°C in Bangkok. Which would you prefer? On Phuket, you’ll find beautiful beaches, that are perfect for relaxing or strolling along. There’s no lack of attractions either! For example, I can recommend an excursion to Phi Phi Island or to the famous James Bond island. In Bangkok, you don’t have the beach, but you’ve got tonnes of exciting and diverse entertainment opportunities – in lovely summer temperatures! There are numerous temples and palaces, including the impressive King’s Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, as well as many shopping venues and bars, you couldn’t possibly be bored here! But one thing is clear: at both locations you can expect 8 hours of sunshine per day alongside summer temperatures. Just decide which is more appealing to you! Personally, I like both ;) Another popular long-haul destination for a winter holiday is in the Dominican Republic, the best time to travel there is between December and May. The temperatures are relatively similar the entire year round, but December – May is the driest period. Water temperatures are very pleasant at between 25 – 27°C, so it’s inviting for those who just want a little paddle, and for water sports enthusiasts as well.

If you ask me, it doesn’t matter whether you go to Phuket, Miami or Dubai to soak up a little sun. If you don’t fancy a long haul trip, then there are sunny places closer to home too. If you’d like to visit several sunny spots during one trip, then maybe a cruise would interest you too!

Thailand, Krabi. Phra Nang beach and cave.

Skiing Holidays

Beach holidays in winter might seem strange to those of you who just want to enjoy wintertime activities, like skiing, snowboarding, or hiking through snow-capped mountains. Popular ski resorts in Switzerland, Italy, and Austria entice many Brits each year. For skiers, Switzerland is the most popular destination, as some of the best slopes are found there, but it also offers a lot of variety for families. It’s very important for parents to find a child-friendly destination during the holidays. Zermatt, Samnaun, Arosa Lenzerheide and St. Moritz are among the most popular ski resorts that attract masses of tourists each year. Ski resorts such as Sölden, Ischgl or Kitzbühel in Austria are also very well-known. In Italy, areas of southern Tyrol draw in the most ski-holiday-makers. Germany also has some beautiful ski resorts, which are definitely worth a visit during the winter too.

Winter hiking is increasingly popular

As well as all the typical winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, there is another wintertime activity that’s becoming more and more popular. I’m talking about winter hiking! Although many hiking trails become inaccessible due to snowfall, there are several areas which offer very good trails even during the winter months. In Tyrol, for example, there are numerous hiking trails which pass through beautiful snow-covered landscapes, as well as pass by various landmarks such as churches, monasteries, and castles. Other popular hikes can be found near to a mountain monastery in Karwendel and in Weeberg in Tirol (both in Austria).

winter holdiay destinations

City Breaks – also popular in winter!

Many people may want a proper, week-long holiday but unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this is not always possible. For those of you who only have a few days to spare or even just a weekend, I would recommend a short winter city break, particularly to a diverse metropolis such as London, Paris or Amsterdam. London has a particular pull during the winter months, thanks to its “Winter Wonderland” in Hyde Park, which includes a huge ice skating rink, a Christmas circus and the chance to meet Santa! Paris is also high on the list of the most popular cities to visit during winter. After all, who doesn’t want to visit the city of love, covered in a blanket of snow and beautifully lit up, stroll along the Christmas market stalls lining the Champs Elysées and ice skate at the  Hôtel de Ville? These are, in my opinion anyway, some of the best spots to soak up some of the romantic winter Parisian atmosphere. The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is also a very popular city to visit during the winter. Above all, during the Christmas period, there is the allure of fragrant Glühwein all around. As well as this, ice skating on the frozen canals is a highlight for tourists and locals alike!

An extra trip: If possible, plan your city trip during the run-up to Christmas so that you can also visit a Christmas Market whilst you’re away. Whether it’s a traditional Christmas Market in Germany, or one somewhere else in the world, I think that each one has its own charm.

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Absolutely extraordinary: Cappadocia in Winter

Those of you who want to experience something particularly special during the winter should prepare yourselves for a little excursion! A very extraordinary highlight is Cappadocia in Central Antolia, which is located about 285 km away from the Turkish capital Ankara. Many tourists are already familiar with the rough, rugged landscape of Cappadocia. The impressive landscape is particularly known for the hot air balloon trips, which run the entire year round. However fascinating a hot air balloon trip here may be in the spring, summer, or autumn, in the winter time the truly magical nature of this landscape becomes apparent. Although the temperatures can plummet into double-digit minus degrees, the cold will be quickly forgotten as soon as you catch a glimpse of the breathtaking, snow-covered landscape. Here, both small boutique hotels and larger hotel chains compete for guests during the winter months. I can only recommend a visit here!

Hot Air Ballons of Cappadocia No matter where you go, winter travel also has its upsides! Whether it’s a bargain sun holiday, a skiing holiday in South Tyrol or a city trip including a visit to a Christmas Market, I’m more than happy to find the best deal for you! Just have a browse through the latest offers on my blog! And if you don’t have time for a holiday during the Christmas period, you can always combine a holiday with New Year’s Eve! ;)

The best winter holidays

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