Although the sound of the vast amounts of water plunging into the depths is anything but silent, waterfalls have an amazingly calming effect.  They are one of the most beautiful natural spectacles to be found on Earth, and the perfect place to spend a relaxing moment by the rushing water, but watch out that you don’t get too wet! There are loads of amazing and totally different waterfalls in the world, and I’ve found you the ten most spectacular.

Top 10 – The Most Spectacular Waterfalls In The World

Huka Falls in New Zealand

220,000 litres of water flow over the mighty Huka Falls in New Zealand every second, tumbling off an 11 metre drop. There’s a bridge over Huka Falls, from which you can grab a breathtaking view just above the roaring waters. Try not to fall in! ;-)


  • Nearby accommodation: The 5* Huka Lodge Hotel, just a mile away from the falls.

Krka Waterfall in Croatia

The 17 waterfalls of the Krka National Park in Croatia climb a total 46 metres altogether. The sparkling green waters flow through many wide channels, sometimes getting to as much as 100 metres wide, before tumbling down the last drop and into a glorious lake where you can even take a dip.


  • Nearby accommodation: The Hotel Vrata Krke, less than a mile away from the Krka National Park.

Kuang Si Waterfall in Laos

Kuang Si waterfall can be found in a lush Jungle Park in Laos. The tropical surroundings with its plants of all types definitely give an adventurous feel to this amazing natural wonder. The water gradually makes its way down via loads of little pools, perfect for a cheeky swim.

tat_kunag_si _waterfall_laos_Wasserfälle_der_Welt

  • Nearby accommoation: The 4* Le Palais Juliana, around 10 miles away from Kuang Si Falls.

Ban-Gioc Waterfall in China/Vietnam

The Ban-Gioc waterfall lies exactly between China and Vietnam and extends over several levels with a total of more than 53 meters height difference. The waterfall is one of the world’s biggest, stretching across two international borders.

Ban Gioc wasserfall

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland

The water of Seljalandsfoss in Iceland falls 66 metres before reaching it’s base. The best bit: you can even go behind the waterfall and appreciate it from every angle! Simply amazing!


Rhine Falls in Switzerland

Rhine Falls in Switzerland the biggest waterfall in Europe, boasting an incredible 23 metre drop. In the evening the falls are lit up in different colours, and play host to an awesome nature and technology show.


  • Nearby accommodation: Hotel Rheinfall is just 700 metres away from Rhine Falls.

Niagara Falls in the USA/Canada

Niagara Falls, on the border between the USA and Canada, is certainly the best known and one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world. On the American side of the frontier the falls are called American Falls, and have a height of between 21 and 34 metres. On the Canadian side the (less patriotically named) Horseshoe Falls plummet a massive 52 metres from top to bottom.

Niagara Falls lit at night by colorful lights

Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland

The glacial waters of the 100 metre wide Dettifoss fall over 44 metres into a deep and dramatic gorge. So much water tumbles over the Dettifoss waterfall that it’s considered to be the largest waterfall in Europe by volume.


Victoria Falls between Zambia und Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls also find themselves slap-bang on the border between two countries – in this case Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls are a UNESCO World Heritage site and also play host to a wide range of adventure activities. Up to 3000 tons of water go roaring over the falls every second, making a deafening noise as it plunges down more than 100 metres.


  • Nearby accommodation: Ilala Lodge, just 400 metres away.

Iguazu Falls in Argentinia/Brasil

Once again we have a waterfall at a land border, this time between South America’s Brazil and Argentina. Stretching almost 3km, Iguazu Falls are actually made up of a total of 275 individual waterfalls, which drop up to 80 metres down into the jungle.

Iguassu Falls,view from Brazilian side

There are of course loads of other amazing waterfalls in the world – I think these are clearly the 10 most spectacular, but obviously it’s a matter of opinion! Which waterfalls have left you breathless? And in which countries have you experienced the best examples of this amazing natural phenomenon? I’d love to hear your opinions and see you’re photos – you never know, they may just end up in one of my articles! :)

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