Treasures of Home with Groupon Getaways

Take a break with our selection of top staycation deals!

Have you ever found yourself thinking “Man, I’d love a little getaway right about now!“? Maybe you’re sat there at your desk in the office, lamenting the fact that you’re not able to get outside and enjoy the heatwave with an ice-cream in hand, or you’re daydreaming about beaches and lazy days by the pool. Yet the thought of having to rush to the airport, go through security and sit on a busy plane for a few hours doesn’t exactly sound like your idea of fun either. Well, don’t worry – you can just book yourself a day or two off work, head off for the weekend and enjoy a relaxing staycation! This is exactly why I’ve teamed up again with Groupon Getaways to bring you the Treasures of Home themed week. For the next 7 days, we’ll be focusing on lovely deals across the UK that promise plenty of luxury, pampering and relaxation.


Sure – we all moan about the weather or complain about delayed trains more times than we’d like, but you know what? The UK is a pretty lovely place to be! The rugged Highland peaks and breathtaking glens of Scotland are truly awe-inspiring. Wales boasts everything from the mighty peaks of Snowdonia to classic seaside towns. The Giant’s Causeway and Mussenden Temple are just a few of the treasures that await you in Northern Ireland. And over in England, the rolling countryside and charming towns will put you under their spell.

There’s a lot to see and do in our little corner of the world. So why not switch off from your usual routine and treat yourself to some well-deserved downtime a little closer to home? This week I’ll bringing you a collection of fantastic, hand-picked staycation deals from Groupon Getaways. From luxury spa retreats to glamping holidays, you can be certain there’s something for everyone here. Be sure to keep checking back as the week goes on for more lovely breaks!

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